Fraudsters can steal credentials, devices, and fingerprints. They cannot steal behaviors. SecuredTouch detects malware, non-human and fraudulent behavior immediately upon activation– no baseline profile is required. It stops automated fraud tools, scripts, bots, IP spoofing and RATs. It blocks attacks from emulators and virtual machines by detecting false mobile traffic and prevents attacks that lay in wait until the password has been entered.

The solution delivers push\pull notifications during suspicious events like bots or when a session’s risk crosses a certain threshold, stopping breaches.

It cannot be hacked: a stolen behavioral profile is meaningless. Non-intrusive, it replaces multifactor authentication, delivers real-time validation and eliminates false positives. Even if the malicious actor appears to be the legitimate user, SecuredTouch continuous monitoring quickly detects compromised user credentials, strengthening protection.

  • Push/pull notifications during suspicious events
  • Reveal RAT attacks
  • Detect emulators \ simulators
  • Differentiate human vs. non-human traffic